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Change starts with new perspective

We view systems through an outside lens, blending what we see with what we know to help build and strengthen new habits in organizations, teams, and individuals. 


We work alongside you to design the work to be done, then stick with you every step of the way during implementation. Our work centers around quality improvement or development in three areas: 


Without people, systems are merely an idea. Because systems are people-powered, development of both individuals and teams is what makes system improvement work sustainable. We provide training that creates space for conscious learning and unlearning in a structured, collaborative environment.


By redesigning and reenvisioning systems, we create space for creativity, innovation, and improved outcomes. From strategic planning to quality improvement and implementation strategies (Breakthrough Series Collaboratives, Lean Process Improvement, etc) to implementing the AWAKEN framework, system improvement work takes on many forms, all of which we will guide you through.


Safe, equitable systems manifest in company and organizational culture. Culture lives in our habits and how we solve problems.1 Often a combination of people- and system-improvement work, paired with program implementation, and culture development combines multiple facets of our expertise to build up the connective tissue and transformational capabilities of any organizational or team culture.

1 An idea from the mind of Dr. Michael Cull



We begin every new engagement by listening. We listen to where you are, where you’re not, and work to understand and define your truest needs.


Our vision is to co-create safe, equitable systems where all people can bring their whole self to work and make meaningful contributions to system improvement. To work toward our vision, we build sustainable change in leaders, teams, and organizations by actively dismantling bias and awakening conscious decision making.

If what we do resonates with your needs, connect with us.

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