"If you don't own the story, you can't write the ending" -Brenè Brown

Affinità derives from the Italian for affinity; the energy by which everything is held together. We believe the health of an organization is reflected in its people, culture, systems and outcomes. It is in the connections between these things that the untapped energy of affinity is present. We explore these connections and by making them explicit and using conscious decisions to actualize change, we harness this energy and attune with it, finding ourselves in the flow of creativity and innovation. This is when we move from surviving to thriving. This is when we belong. This is when we know we can withstand challenges and draw on our strengths. This is how we bring simplicity to complex work.


With over 40 years combined social work and leadership practice, social work values and the principles of equity and social justice are embedded in what we do. We believe that individuals and organizations thrive when people feel safe, heard, and connected to each other and the work.  We have taken our own learning and unlearning about safe cultures and biased systems to create a framework for conscious decision making. We actualize this framework as a foundational practice for individual, organizational and systemic transformation.


We founded Affinità Consulting to bring our values and practices to life in organizations and collaborate in transforming the context for their work. In this context, every voice and story is heard and valued. We embrace hard conversations as integral to growing and learning from each other and the communities where we live and work.  Our  framework and approach can be applied in any organization serving people and communities committed to creating safety and equity in their systems. 


Our Team


Christina Rosato Fly


Jordan E. Constantine


Our Collaborations

State of South Carolina, Department of Social Services 
University of Kentucky, Center for Innovation in Public Health, Safe Systems Team
Casey Family Programs, National Partnership for Child Safety