Our Values

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Perspective taking with heart

Our Framework

                                 is a value-based framework with actionable steps that take us from automatic, bias-based thinking and reactions to intentional decisions and behaviors that strengthen connections and shared understanding. It uncovers bias in ourselves and our systems and awakens the critical consciousness needed to make better decisions and transform teams, workplaces and outcomes. 


The framework can be used as a quick self-check in, or a deeper dive, anytime we notice strong feelings about a situation, person or decision. AWAKEN can be used individually, or within teams to plan forward and reflect back, and as a framework to navigate hard conversations where bias and differing perspectives are at play.  


AWAKEN can live everywhere in your organization, anytime decisions are being made. The AWAKEN framework creates a context for new narratives and strengthened relationships rooted in safety, trust and belonging, achieved through building transformative and sustainable habits.


"This is a solid model for engaging a group in a frank discussion" - Quality Improvement Director

"LOVED the AWAKEN model! Slow down to speed up! I really believe it starts with us {leadership}

which is why we started with us" - Executive Leader


Our Practices


Start with Self


Tell and hear stories


Build trust and relationships


Learning and Unlearning


Conscious Decision Making

New Neuropathways

Conscious Habits

Support Group

Our Process

Knowing that every organization is as unique as the people and culture within it, we take time to explore and understand your organization's story, people, vision and goals. 

We collaborate with you to design an integrated plan for our work, defining what we'll do, and how we'll know if it is working. 


We believe the people doing the work are best placed to design the work. We won’t tell you how to do your work but focus instead on transforming the context where the work happens. Together, we actualize change in your people, your systems and your organization's health and outcomes. 


We recognize that change is a process and this work is hard. We stay alongside you and offer support, accountability and encouragement as you transform new ways of approaching your work into new habits and ways of being and become the change you were envisioning.









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