Our Solutions


Coaching creates a context for reflection, perspective taking and skill enhancement, developing people and strengths across a wide range of needs.  As central practices for actualizing change in individuals, teams and organizations, coaching and implementation support are at the heart of what we do.  

Coaching not only improves accountability, performance, resilience and engagement, it ensures that growth and change are sustained into the future.  Using the AWAKEN framework and our practices, we “start with self” by exploring and understanding who and what we are bringing into our work and how we leverage this understanding to develop new and innovative perspectives.

• Individual Growth

• Leadership

• Team


People Development

Learning is a lifelong process as we continuously incorporate new concepts and abilities. Knowledge builds on our existing understanding and enhances our ability to thrive and adapt to changing circumstances. Training provides a structured collaborative space to leverage foundational knowledge and strengthen skills. It builds context for conscious learning and unlearning, increasing the confidence, resilience and adaptability of teams and leaders. 

We use the AWAKEN framework and our practices to create collaborative, insightful environments for learning, unlearning and development that empower and inspire learners to find new and innovative ways to apply learning in practice.

• Customized training delivery 

• Group and meeting facilitation

• Workshops and team based learning

• Trainer/Facilitator development

• Curriculum review and design



Systems represent the brain and nerve center of our organizations and provide a map for how we do our work and how it connects together. The way we design our systems determines how well they support our outcomes, continued growth, and response to ever changing conditions. The best systems are safe, responsive, resilient, and reflect organizational values in action. Just like the brain, our systems have the capacity to learn, and adapt to changing conditions and new information. Using improvement and implementation science and the AWAKEN framework, we consciously awaken, re-design and re-envision systems. By strengthening new habits, we create space for creativity, innovation, and improved outcomes.

• Organizational Assessment

• Practice Model Implementation 

• Policy and Program Enhancement

• Safe Systems Implementation

• Continuous Quality Improvement