Christina Rosato Fly


Pronouns: she/her/hers

c: 615.423.6219

Christina Rosato Fly is Co-Founder at Affinità Consulting. Christina’s passion for growing safe organizational cultures has resulted in developing high performing teams.  Her work focuses on assisting organizations in implementing practice innovations that lead to system transformation and improved outcomes.  She uses team-based approaches to leverage the experiences and knowledge at all levels of an organization toward facilitate change. She is the co-creator of AWAKEN, a practice model for conscious decision making, which is grounded in relational neuroscience and anti-racist practice. This framework has been integrated into the child welfare certification training program at the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

Before co-founding Affinità Consulting, Christina spent more than 20 years at the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (TNDCS). Her most recent roles included Executive Director of Training, Director of Policy and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), and Safety Systems Analyst.  In her work as Executive Director of Training, Christina co-developed a learning collaborative to support the implementation of a new family preservation practice model toward achieving goals for the Family First Act.  She implemented a supervisory coaching collaborative to improve quality contacts and documentation with an imbedded CQI component. She led her team in developing training on affirming the identities of LGBTQIA+ youth.  Additionally, she established a certification program for staff mentoring new caseworkers that included ongoing coaching for mentors. 

In her role as Director of Policy and CQI, Christina established a responsive CQI system. She led, oversaw, and implemented system improvements resulting from the statewide CQI system, which included the department’s nationally recognized child death review and safety systems analysis processes.  Additionally, she co-authored the department’s policy providing guidelines for children and youth in care related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. She actively participated on the workgroup which provided support to caseworkers working with LGBTQIA+ youth.

As a Safety Systems Analyst, Christina collaborated on the development of processes and co-authored the policies for the first design of the child death review and safety systems analysis process. Prior to this, she worked in casework practice and supervision. 

Christina received a Master’s in Science in Social Work with a concentration on Evidenced-Based Interpersonal Practice from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.